If you’re like me you probably spend a little bit too much time in the sand trap or as I like to refer to it as on vacation at the beach.  This can become a nuisance, especially when you’re having a great game and then you end up taking two or three strokes to get out.  I used to do this frequently, but now I can get out of the bunker in one shot, every time.  There isn’t a great secret to it or any magical technique.  All you have to do is practice these few simple techniques and the bunkers will no longer give you any trouble.

The first thing you must do is adjust your setup. Dig your feet into the sand and get a more solid foundation for your shot. When playing out of a green-side bunker, aim just to the left of the target if you are right-handed, and just to the right if you are left-handed. For fairway bunker shots, try to hit the sand 1 inches (2.5cm) behind the ball. For all bunker shots, keep your eyes focused on the point at which you want the club-face to enter the sand. Whatever your position, remember to accelerate through the ball.

The second thing that must be mentioned and this may sound like a no brainer, but using the correct club is extremely helpful in getting your ball out of the sand trap. Remember that the sand trap is less than desirable terrain from which to hit a ball, with that being said, using a pitching wedge, sand wedge, or other high lofted club you have the best shot at not only getting your ball out but at having some control over where it goes once this is accomplished.  Make sure you follow through. Let me say this again; follow through with your shots, even in the sand trap.

It also may come to the point where it is just easier to hit the ball backwards or sideways out of the sand trap.  Granted this is not ideal, but I would much rather be chipping from the rough or the fairway any day of the week.

As ever, it’s vital that you accelerate through the ball when you play your shot. Similarly, you should also make a proper follow-through with a good hip and shoulder turn. The last thing you want is the club stopping in the sand and the ball staying in the bunker.  When I’m out on the course I see this far too often.

At the end of the day golf bunker shots should be nothing to fear.  As long as you employ these proper techniques you should be out of those bunkers in no time.

So, follow these techniques and make sure you practice them as well.  If you do sand traps should not give you anymore problems.

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